Candida Dias Notary Public

Candida Dias Candida Dias has been a practising Notary Public in Vancouver since her commission in December 1993. With her vast experience in real property and estate matters, Candi has developed a breadth of knowledge related to real estate, along with an excellent understanding of Wills and Powers of Attorney. Furthermore, Candi’s Portuguese heritage has allowed her to help many people with Portuguese language documents by preparing Portuguese Powers of Attorney (Procuracao) and Portuguese document translations.

In the community, Candi is well known and has played a major role in the development of various non-profit organizations that specialize in promoting Portuguese culture here in Canada. She is a Director of the Alliance of Portuguese Clubs & Associations of BC and for over 15 years has been a Director for the Portuguese Sporting Club of Vancouver soccer club. In addition to her volunteer work, from 2003-2007 Candi served as the Delegate of the Portuguese National Congress for the Portuguese Community of Western Canada after being elected by members of the Portuguese community.

You can email Candida at candi@diasnotary.com

Nelson Dias Notary Public, B.A., M.A. (ALS)

Nelson Dias was commissioned as a BC Notary Public in May 2011. Although Nelson has only recently become a Notary, he has extensive experience working in the field doing conveyancing (preparation of real estate paperwork) and managing the Notary office. Further, Nelson has a comprehensive working knowledge of the Land Title Registry System used in BC due to his experience doing agent work in person at the Land Title and Survey Authority of BC, as well as operating online title registrations and inquiries through BC Online on a daily basis.

Educationally, Nelson has a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Simon Fraser University that focused on History and Philosophy. With his Bachelor of Arts Degree, he was accepted into the Master of Arts in Applied Legal Studies program at Simon Fraser University – successfully completing the program in December of 2010. With his M.A. (ALS) certification, extensive practical training, and thorough understudy experience from his Notary mentors, Nelson has a bright future as a Notary Public – ready, willing and able to help members of the community with their legal service needs.

You can email Nelson at nelson@diasnotary.com

Nelson Dias Notary